Japanese for Teens

Through a series of lively activities and games, this course introduces children aged 11-15 to the Japanese language and provides a great basis for further study. The course is designed to energise and inspire! Teachers use a variety of games and activities to make learning Japanese fun! Tweens and teenagers have a great time taking part in various activities designed to get them using Japanese without really thinking about it.

Recommend course:


Japanese has long been a preferred language in New Zealand education. We have a lot of ties with Japan, a lot of Japanese people, especially language students, come here, and quite a lot of New Zealanders go off to Japan. If tweens and teenagers learn some Japanese with Euroasia before they start to study the language more formally, they will have an excellent basis on which to build, and almost a guaranteed headstart!

Contrary to what many people imagine, Japanese is not a particularly difficult language to learn, especially in the early stages.  The pronunciation is very straightforward, and the basic words are fairly short and simple.  You can also say quite a lot without learning the trickier grammar points.  Plus we don’t go into the writing system at all.  Euroasia’s classes in Japanese are a great introduction to a really important language.