Chinese Mandarin For Teens

Through a series of lively activities and games, this course introduces children aged 11-15 to the Mandarin language and provides a great basis for further study. The course is designed to energise and inspire! Teachers use a variety of games and activities to make learning Mandarin fun! Teens and tweens have a great time taking part in various activities designed to get them using Mandarin without really thinking about it.

Recommend course:


Interest in Mandarin is soaring in New Zealand, as more and more people realise the importance of China as a trading partner.  Now this might not seem particularly relevant to teens and tweens, but in ten years’ time they may well see things differently.   Schools are starting to catch on to the importance of Mandarin, but there is a shortage of suitable teachers, and provision is patchy.  This may be your best opportunity of introducing your child to Mandarin.

While it’s true that the writing system of Chinese is tricky, the spoken language – which is what we concentrate on – is really not that hard.   Kids will have great fun with the four tones which are at the heart of the sound pattern, and will soon pick up an impressive basic vocabulary!  If they are then able to continue to learn Mandarin later, they won’t be put off by the image of difficulty which the language sometimes has for adult learners!  Euroasia’s courses for teens and tweens in Mandarin are a great first step.